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18.10.2019 0 By admin

You may have heard of them, right? We hope so! A few years ago several friends decided to start a gaming podcast, their own little place on the net where they could talk about video games and what they liked, what they didn’t and to voice their own opinions.

*Fast forward 3 years later, hope Trunks didn’t need this time machine.*

Little did they know that this passion would become the launching board for what they’ve become today. The Outerhaven Productions went from just a simple podcast to a website that has been providing coverage of not just video games, but also comics, mangas, anime, technology and just about anything that you squeeze under the geek culture umbrella. From current news, reviews, monthly podcasts that cover both video gaming and comics, to attending and covering events such as IndieCade, New York Comic Con, PAX East, and many others. The Outerhaven Productions has been on a growth spurt as of recent years, and have zero plans of stopping their growth.

They promise they’ll keep doing what they are doing and strive to do even better.

They also have several interesting shows you should check out.

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, a gaming podcast from their fellow Nintendo fans. If it involves Nintendo, Todd, Tyler and Will are all over it and break down the latest and greatest from Nintendo.

Spectator Mode Podcast, yet another gaming podcast from the minds of Keith, Diego, Rob and Karl. Recorded every week, this podcast is devoted to coming all things video games, from the industry, down to niche.

The 450 Wrestling Podcast, you like Wrestling? You like seeing sweating men and women compete and crazy over the top plots that make you want to throw stuff at the TV? Then you’ll love this show.

The A1-Podcast, anime fans, this show is for you. If it’s anime, they talk about it here.

War of Infinite Panels, is our comic book podcast. Join Sara and Matt as they dig ever deeper into the world of geekdom and talk about all things comic books.