Connecting consultants to the companies that need them

17.09.2019 0 By admin

Splice is a platform that connects consultants to the companies that need them using technology to revolutionize the industry.

Who is Splice?

They are a software company who puts their heart and soul into developing a platform that bridges the gap between companies and consultants.

Splice was founded on two principles: Community and Innovation. They believe it’s time to change the way independent consultants are selected, developed, and deployed to projects to ensure that companies get better and faster results.

Their Team

They strive to deliver greatness through impeccable customer experience, one-of-a-kind service and proven results. Their focus on transparency, honesty and respect is a reflection of how greatly they value their global network of consultants and customers..

Choosing Splice means having confidence that they value your reputation, potential and growth.

Their Mission

Enabling the Future Workforce

They’ve built a platform that enables positive change in our industry! They want to increase efficiency and transparency throughout the engagement while reducing the overall costs. They want to empower agencies to better serve their clients, help consultants better promote their unique skills, and support companies in achieving greater results.

This vision has allowed them to become innovative, challenging the status quo in an ever changing marketplace.

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