You’re about to enter one of the Top Personal Finance blogs in Canada!

18.11.2019 0 By admin

Canadian Budget Binder (CBB) is MORE than one of those boring finance blogs that talk money ALL THE TIME. CBB is a virtual binder filled with life topics surrounding personal finance and everything in between.

If it has to do with money, they talk about it at CBB which means they talk about food, relationships, parenting, investing, mortgages, real estate and how to make and fix stuff too.

They believe that anyone can use a budget and should if they want to get on track with their personal finances and often that means being handy or continuing to educate yourself about the stuff that’s going to cost you MONEY.

Every category in a budget represents a part of our lives so they talk about each of these categories of life. As CBB continues to grow they expand topics that Canadians want to learn about because this is what they are asking for.

Don’t give up hope!

Working together to build a place that is safe to be YOU is what CBB is about. That is what sets us apart from all the rest. They CARE, They LISTEN and They want to share YOUR VOICE.

They don’t criticize, they try to LEARN from everyone’s life experiences. That’s CBB and they’re glad that you decided to subscribe and hang out with them.

We’ve all made mistakes  in our lives and continue to make them even though we try to make positive changes.

You can fail here, but they are here to help pick each other up so you can work towards reaching your goals.

This is only a highlight of what you will find when you open Canadian Budget Binder and turn the pages;

Their 10 Step Budgeting Series detailing how they designed their budget and how you too can use a budget.

  • Free Money Saving Tools
  • The Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Grocery Shopping In Canada
  • Fan Success and Inspirational Stories
  • Canadian Real Estate and Mortgages
  • Importance of Saving and Budgeting
  • Debt Reduction
  • Gardening, DIY, Home Maintenance
  • Frugal Tips, Handy Tips
  • Book and Product Reviews
  • Retirement and Investing 
  • Canadian Couponing 101, Coupon Match-ups, Checkout51 
  • Food and Frugal Recipes
  • Relationships, Divorce, Newlyweds,Weddings, Parenting
  • Insurance


Canadian Budget Binder is for fans of all ages from all over the world who WANT to learn about Personal Finance and living a frugal life.

Personal finance is such a broad topic so it’s nice to get the perspective of different age groups who have different life experiences.

So, please won’t you join me here and share your voice!

Let them learn from each others experiences so we can all make money work for us and not against us.

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