Learn Robot Programming and Get a Job as a Robotics Developer

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If you’re starting to program and are looking to get a job, robotics is definitely an option you have to consider.


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Robotics market is on your side


The robotics market is growing like crazy. In 2020 the global robotics market was valued at 27 billion dollars, and is estimated to reach 74 billion dollars in 2026.


With this growth come new job opportunities for skilled candidates.


You may be already interested in learning how to program, but you wonder: what will I specialize in? Because being a jack of all trades in the programming world is nice, but by doing this you may just become average in a lot of fields, without mastering anything.


So, you have the classical web development path for example, which is a very good one, and can lead you to great success if you work smart and hard. You can also work in mobile development, work as a devops, system administrator, etc. The list of jobs is infinite. Some of those jobs will be more competitive, due to the amount of people investing their time or career into those.


And, you have robotics. Robotics is a very special field, because you are going to program things that actually move and evolve in the real world. Coding something and seeing it work with real life hardware can give you great job satisfaction. Also, robotics is really vast and there is so much you can learn and do. And with the market growth we are currently experiencing in robotics, one thing is sure: there will be jobs. The rest is up to you.

What’s included in robotics programming


Robotics development is quite vast. You could work in various fields like hardware prototyping, location and mapping for mobile robots, computer vision, artificial intelligence, microcontrollers, etc etc.


Anything that deals with hardware, close or far, can be a part of a robotics application. You could even specialize in developing web applications for robots! Because, when you think of it, with all those robots, we will need some nice and useful interfaces to let any consumer control them. Here comes the web part.


What we recommend is that you start learning a few different robotics paths, and then focus on the one you like the most. Also, if you want to make robotics programming your career, it’s important you pick a field that provides a lot of jobs. To do that, simply search for different categories in websites offering jobs, and compare the jobs you find.

How can you get started with robot programming?


Well, robotics in itself is quite huge, and you have many possible paths inside the main one. If you are a complete beginner who doesn’t know how to code, you could start with:

  • Arduino programming: this will be your first gate to robotics. Arduino is super easy to get started with, you can very quickly interact with many hardware sensors and motors, to build a small robotics application. It’s also a great tool for rapid prototyping.
  • Raspberry Pi: this board is comparable with a standard computer, but it’s so small that it can be embedded in many robotics applications.
  • ROS (Robot Operating System): if you already have some programming basics (Python, C++, Linux), you can dive into ROS. This is a framework that will enable you to create any new software for a robot in no time. ROS has a certain learning curve, but is 100% worth it in the long term.
  • Computer vision and artificial intelligence: robots need to see, analyze their environment, and make decisions. This decision making part is super important and can be worth pursuing.
  • And so on. We’re keeping the list short here but we could go on and on and on.


Now, to get started, you can find many resources online.


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