Career Advices

The most important position in any hotel is that of the hotel manager. In some small hotels, sometimes an owner of the hotel acts as a hotel manager, but usually the manager is hired as a hotel employee.

Hotel managers can find employment in a wide range of establishments, such as small independent hotels and large multinational chain hotels, but also motels, inns,  B&B accommodations and travel lodges.

The hotel manager is  responsible for a day to day management of a hotel and its employees. A hotel manager job involves many responsibilities like dealing with contractors and suppliers, advertising and maintaining a positive public image of the hotel, monitoring cost control and sales, daily inspection of property condition, hiring and firing staff, staff scheduling, dealing with customers, event planning, etc. But the main responsibility of hotel manager is to achieve maximum profitability of the hotel.

Typical skills required to be a hotel manager include:

– business skills

– leadership skills

– planning skills

– organizational skills

– customer-service skills

– communication and interpersonal skills

– dealing with speakers of other languages

– people skills and organization.

Required qualifications to be a hotel manager usually include a bachelor’s or master degree in business or hospitality. However, depending on the size of a hotel, candidates with relevant management work experience may need only a high school degree. Hotel employees who were not required education, but have leadership potential, may qualify for hotel manager assistant job. Large multinational hotel chains often offer better opportunities for its employees than small independent hotels for advancing, for example, from hotel manager assistant to being a hotel manager, but these opportunities usually involve relocating to another city or even country.

Most hotel managers are employed full time and receive a salary, rather than hourly wages. Salary for a hotel manager greatly varies and depends on the size of the hotel, location and levels of competition.

Larger hotels lead to a wider range of duties for hotel manager, but also to a higher annual salary.

Managing an average hotel in USA, UK, Germany or Australia can bring  your annual salary up to $85.000, while managing an average hotel in Indonesia or Thailand can bring you less than $12.000 a year. Hotel managers in Germany, UK and Switzerland have the highest salaries in Europe, USA and Canada offer the highest salaries in the Americas, Australia and United Arab Emirates in Asia and Oceania.

Working weekends and holidays are common for hotel managers. To become an excellent hotel manager, you need to know how to handle daily problems in a hotel quickly. Most managers, especially small hotel managers, are required to be on call 24 hours a day.